Kai & Sunny’s Mural on Reception Wall

I was mesmerized by Kai & Sunny’s Migration East mural, which I first saw on It’s Nice That. The 20 x 26 ft mural covers a white wall on London’s St Katharine Docks. Giving a lot of character to the space, this vibrant, soft and dynamic mural is in contrast with the more static, stencil-like graphics that are being frequently used lately to compliment a building’s interior.






source: It’sNiceThat

DIY Ideas for Reusing Wood Pallets

The recent DIY craze is not only a reaction to the economic climate but a reaction against mass produced goods. It’s true that creating our own DIY projects and furniture satisfies our growing need to express our individuality so if you’re thinking of taking up a DIY project, one of the easiest DIY endeavors is to reuse wood pallets to create furniture such as tables and beds. The following selection of images presents clever DIY ideas of how you could reuse wood pallets to create contemporary and stylish furniture or architectural features like cladding and staircases. Reusing an everyday object, such as an old wood pallet will add character to your space, just remember that it’s not just about recycling, it’s about upcycling!

Tables made out of pallets:


image via: allwithpallets


image via: designshimmer


image via: cushandnooks


image via: dezeen

Seating made out of pallets:


image via: myidealhome


image via: pinterest


image via: lifehacker

Beds made out of pallets:


image via: babble’snewhome


image via: balkopugutasarim


image via: myhomerocks

Display units made out of pallets:


image via: bodieandfou


image via: relaxshacks

Using pallets in the kitchen:


image via: bucketsofburlap


image via: bucketsofburlap


image via: balkopugutasarim

Using pallets as architectural features:

Pallets_13_Architectural Features

image via: dezeen

Pallets_20_Architectural Features

image via: archdaily

Pallets_18_Architectural Features

image via: yatzer

3D Wall Made Out of Dowels

3_interior wall

Merge Architects created a wall made out of 40,000 dowels, for a loft renovation project in Massachusetts. The architects designed the 3d wall in Rhino, where they calculated the precise dimension that each of the 40,000 dowels would need to be in order to create a wave like effect. The result looks very futuristic from afar but a closer look reveals that it is actually a low-tech solution that can be used as a bookcase or for displaying objects.

2_interior wall

1_interior wall

source: dwell

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