Thom Gorst – Ruins of Empire

Thom Gorst

There are only just a few days left to visit the Thom Gorst exhibition Ruins of Empire that will be on at the Anise Gallery in London till the 31st of March.

The paintings of the exhibition investigate the aesthetic quality of industrial and maritime ruins and have emerged as part of Gorst’s research through practice. Although the canvases portray details of metallic maritime surfaces that are corroded, overpainted or just abandoned they truly emit a sense of authentic, as-found beauty.

I had the pleasure to attend a talk by Thom Gorst a few weeks ago at the Anise Gallery, where he explained his approach to painting maritime ruins. Interestingly Gorst has trained as an architect, which is quite evident in the fact that most of his paintings at the exhibition look like a fragment of a ship’s elevation.

I would highly recommend a visit to the Anise Gallery to view this fantastic Thom Gorst exhibition.

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Lazer-Cut Books on De-centralization

London based interior architect Myrtle Tzortzi has created two laser-cut books, which offer a critical view of the role of de-centralization in Greece. More specifically, her work explores how cultural habits are transported and transformed  in a period of economic crisis and social instability. Her two intricately designed books are the result of extensive fieldwork. Tzortzi interviewed people that have experienced de-centralization and she tried to narrate their journey in her books. As each book is opened and moved through, its pages affirm a temporal and spatial sequence, within which certain cultural traits are ‘carried over’ and others are abruptly lost.

Impossible Architecture


Impossible Architecture by Filip Dujardin is a collection of photomontages of impossible architectural structures created using photographs of real buildings in Belgium. The photomontages, which have clear surrealistic references,  seem perfectly ordinary at first glance, revealing their absurdity only as the viewer notices their details.

The exhibition is on at the Highlight Gallery, San Francisco from 07.02 till 29.03.

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