The Holographic Trend

The latest advancements in holographic materials and applications definitely suggest that the holographic trend is here to stay. Although holograms are futuristic, almost by definition, the sheer, pastel colors that are created by the diffracted light exert a romantic and soft effect.  When holographic materials are used in innovative and creative ways they can create magic! Here are some examples from various disciplines:



The Holographic Cube Building by Hiro Yamagata was originally created for the Guggenheim Bilbao Museum and it covered two buildings in holographic panels. The spectacular lighting effect that was created transformed the two buildings into dazzling works of holographic art. (images via: flickr and erickd)



Romanian studio Re-Act, together with architect Mario Kuibus created the interior for this flat, whose design is creating a holographic effect. (image via: designrulz)



From fashion heavy-weight Burberry Prorsum (left) to Hugo Boss (middle) and Jonathan Saunders (right), most fashion houses have celebrated the futuristic-looking holographic trend by using metallic colours and high-sheen fabrics. (images via:



American artist Jen Stark, used holographic paper and acid-free foam board to create this magnificent art piece called “Holographic Square”. (image via:



I find the graphic exploration of the holographic trend intriguing. Perfect example of how impressive and eye catching holography can be when used creatively, are these business cards that were designed by Denis Mallet for the Parisian art merchant Julien Hauchecorne. (images via: plentyofcolour)

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