Toyo Ito wins the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize

1_Toyo Ito_Museum of Architecture

Museum of Architecture (images via: archdaily)

Yesterday it was announced that Japanese architect Toyo Ito will receive the 2013 Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is often called architecture’s Nobel Prize as it is the most highly regarding architectural prize in the world.

Toyo Ito’s work is universal and timeless. Although his buildings are all very different in style and they respond perfectly to their context, a sense of calmness and tranquility present in all of his buildings. Toyo Ito’s overall work has been praised for its fluidity, beauty and balance between the physical and virtual world but I find his following quote typifies his architectural ethos:

“When one building is completed, I become painfully aware of my own inadequacy, and it turns into energy to challenge the next project. Probably this process must keep repeating itself in the future. Therefore, I will never fix my architectural style and never be satisfied with my works.”

Here is a selection of my favorite buildings by Toyo Ito.

7_Toyo Ito_Mikimoto

Mikimoto 2 (images via: openbuildings)

13_Toyo Ito_Tama Art University_a

Tama Art Univesity Library (images via: openbuildings)

26_Toyo Ito_Za Koenji Public Theatre_a

Za Koenji Public Theatre (images via: openbuildings)

31_Toyo Ito_Ken Iwata Mother and Child_a

Ken Iwata Mother and Child Museum (images via: openbuildings)


One response

  1. I’ve seen the Mikimoto 2 before and loved it, just never knew who designed it. I like his style because it’s out there, those eye catching designs are always the best because it makes me excited to see how architecture will continue to change. It’s kind of like seeing the future of architecture now, lol. Anyways great post!

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