Zaha Hadid’s Riverside Museum

Last week I visited the Riverside Museum in Glasgow that was designed by Zaha Hadid and is Scotland’s Museum of Transport and Travel. The building is in full harmony with its industrial, urban context and although it only opened for the public about a year ago, it looks like it has been there for a long time.

Most of the interior surfaces are painted in a bright lime colour, which was a very brave choice for an exhibition space but somehow it works because it truly highlights the exhibits and gives the interior a lot of character. There is a lot of natural light entering the interior space from both glazed ends of the building and the  smaller glass openings, which are strategically placed around the envelop in order to frame some amazing views of the Clyde and of the city of Glasgow.

The interior space is rather overwhelming at first because there are too many large scale exhibits in an open plan space but once you starting moving around and focus on particular exhibits you’ll start ignoring your peripheral vision. There is an area inside the museum that has been transformed to look like a street from the early 20th century. It certainly feels like a time travelling experience to be in a Zaha Hadid, contemporary architecture building but at the same time walk around a street from the last century.

The sleek signage graphics, which were designed by Marque, have a dotted theme that works very well with the building as it matches the textured “dotted” interior wall surfaces.

I would definitely recommend a visit, especially with your little ones as there were a lot of excited children around, who seemed to enjoy themselves both inside the museum and outside where there was some huge grass furniture to climb on as well as an ice cream van…

The exterior

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_1    Zaha Hadid_Riverside_2

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_4    Zaha Hadid_Riverside_3

The interior

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_5    Zaha Hadid_Riverside_6

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_7    Zaha Hadid_Riverside_8

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_11    Zaha Hadid_Riverside _10

The exhibits

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_12    Zaha Hadid_Riverside_13

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_15    Zaha Hadid_Riverside_14

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_16    Zaha Hadid_Riverside_17

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_18    Zaha Hadid_Riverside_19

The graphics

Zaha Hadid_Riverside_21    Zaha Hadid_Riverside_20

Zaha Hadid_Riveriside_23    Zaha Hadid_Riveriside_22


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  1. Love automotive design, love Hadid’s design work… Such a great thing that more of her buildings are being realised recently. I am currently reading Digital Hadid, but had no idea this museum existed, at all! Definately one to visit next time I am in Glasgow. Thanks for the blog post, I enjoyed that!

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