Take Your Pleasures Seriously

image via: NEXT Architects

NEXT Architects from Netherlands recently launched The Modern Architecture Game, a board game about trivia on buildings, architects and famous quotes. The design of the game is very sleek and thoughtful: the board has a construction drawing graphic and the player pieces are miniature replicas of contemporary buildings such as the Gherkin.

Apart from its title, the monochromatic design signifies that it is indeed a game made for architects, by architects. There are approximately 1000 questions from six different categories such as Visuals, Architect, Project, Style, Influence and Quote. If someone answers a question wrong then they would have to wear the iconic Le Corbusier glasses.

Although it is a great game for playing in studios on a Friday afternoon, it is only the theme of the questions and its stylish design that truly differentiate it from other trivia board games.  Architects could be developing innovative concepts for games. In fact Scrabble, which is one of the most popular board games of all time, was developed by an architect.

Perhaps the limitations of our physical world have diminished the possibility of new tangible game concepts. However, the advancements in game technology could inspire architects to come up with new game ideas.  The architects’ advanced spatial understanding and their frequent engagement with virtual environments could be the foundation for the creation of very interesting games. What if architects transformed real urban environments into virtual narrative games?  How would holding a Wii affect moving around a real city?

image via: NEXT Architects

image via: NEXT Architects

image via: NEXT Architects


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